Mondaiji DMCA

So yeah its sad but Mondaiji was hit with a DMCA on baka Tdsuki, as such fan translations cannot be held on there anymore. Doesn’t mean they cannot be held on translator blogs. Anyway I am just here with a download link for volumes 1-10! If you want the files just click the link below.


Otherwise, take care anyone, had to make this short but sweet!


30 thoughts on “Mondaiji DMCA

  1. Hi, well you see i know where to read vol.11, 12 and the other two so could you pls copy that and make it so everyone can download them from theyre computer ? the place where i read them was on an app named ”BakaReader EX” that i downloaded from playstore on my phone so pls copy those and make a link so we can download them on computers thanks alot.


    1. …If you really DO have the BakaReader EX App then you will know that volumes 11 or 12 are not fully available and only Interlude 1 of Volume 11 was released in English. The BakaReader is linked to Baka Tsuki and as such neither volumes have been updated since November 2015.


  2. Hello, it’s me(If you remember me). Umm, it is not like i want to make your work harder but, if it possible for you to release the fanfic novel for makie? I know this is not the site to talk about fanfic but there is no other way to communicate other than going to your website….well, i will say sorry about this just in case you get mad at this comment…


    1. I’m not mad at this comment, though I am curious. Do you mean release makie’s novel in a PDF file or do you mean release it on my blog?? And also why? ?_? Ah I am naturally curious and this is by no means me being mad. I don’t get mad really i just get annoyed. By the way are you Fansheren?


      1. -___-” No…I hope you could at least remember one of your fanfic fan’s name…. Well, i mean you haven’t update the mondaiji fanfic ‘Return of Lost Souls’ for quite a time so…I was somehow worry that if you got into some trouble and in the blog of *imouto lover* I saw your name so just asking?


      2. …..Okay…now this has me a bit miffed. Sorry for assuming you were a wikia user under a different name. And thank you for insulting me.

        No I am fine. Just swamped with college and a lack of motivation to write. In which case my motivation to write is due to a lack of satisfaction with what I got planned for the chapters and how to write them out.


  3. Will there be any further translations to the mondaiji light novel ( vol.11 & 12) and also will there be translations of new series last embryo?


  4. Thanks for the download link! Damn Kadokawa, not like this is getting an English release any time soon. Still it’s good to see that the translations are to be found on the internet and not lost forever in the deep sea of archives. Thank you again ^^


  5. Hey! just wanted to say thanks for posting this. i had to look for a while to find this and it was well worth it so thanks a bunch!! 🙂


  6. hi. thanks alot for every thing. i was just wondering when would you be finished with vol.11 and 12 ? its a great series so im really loocking forward to reading the rest. thanks alot.


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