Possible, eventual writer of her own novel series! What is it you may ask? Well simply wait and see!

Hello everyone my name is StarlightAT! Some might recognize me from Fanfiction, others the admin of the Mondaiji wikia. At any rate, I am an average person working an average job attending an average college/university. The only thing NOT average about me? Me admitting I am an idiot girl who is still learning. There. XD

I decided this name based on two things; my love for astrology and astronomy when I was younger, and for one of the the most badass magical girls ever: Nanoha Takamachi.

Anyway I am a long time anime lover and possible future teacher for elementary students. Still got a long way to go but I am treading it. Wonder each and everyday if I should stop. But I am still going for reasons unknown. Kind of wish I had the passion that half the people in this world did.

For now this page will be one for randomness…and story chapters. Whether fanfiction or other things, and I will make appropriate ‘books’ (pages) for each story. XD And perhaps an informant gallery.

For starters if you wanna take a look at other sites I frequent, here ya go!

Fanfiction: Starlight_AT

Mondaiji Wikia: StarlightAT

RWBY Fanon: StarlightAT


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